Tarot cards essay

Transmutology is a new approach to the study of change. We wish to know about the art of transmutation and to practice it. Can we find the precious gem of the true self?

Tarot cards essay

This edition of the deck has 80 cards, which includes three versions of the Magus card. Created by Frieda Harris, Aleister Crowley Tarot Deck - 80 Cards - US Games See card images from the Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot Review by Bayati In spite of the bad rap this deck sometimes receives perhaps because it is preceeded by the reputation of its infamous creatorfor me there is no other deck that provides me with such profound clarity and accurate guidance in readings.

Though I own and have read several other decks, for the past three years, this is the only deck I use for readings. When I saw this the complete deck for the first time in a local Metaphysical store, its flaming intensity scared me. There is a richness and complexity to it that both attracts one to its bold beauty and causes the same aversion the eyes feel when looking at the sun.

Just as the eyes can't handle the intense rays of the sun, in my earliest tarot studying days, I wasn't quite ready for the Thoth. A month later, I broke down and bought the cards, and in spite of their complexity and perhaps because of itfound them the easiest to read.

Each card is filled with a myriad of archetypal symbols, each adding to a potential meaning of the card. Simpler decks, with just one main image didn't really work for me because I found their possible interpretations too limiting. But, as I began to learn the Thoth, I often found myself inexplicably drawn to a certain aspect of the card a symbol, a color, a picture that would tend to add more specificity or color to the card's standard meaning.

Review by Bayati

In decks with more straight-forward images, such as those in the Osho Zen deck which I used to use in readingsI always felt my readings were too generalized. I was a novice at the tarot when I first began using this deck. Some may not reccommend it for beginners because of the Thoth's heavy ties to Egyptian spirituality, Astrology, and the Kabbalah.

I still know nothing about the Kabbalah, and very little of the Egyptian references, but do not feel that my readings suffer because of it. The potency in this deck lies in its images.

However, a beginner or master of the tarot for that matter should have a good book to use as a reference. Crowley's Book of Thoth is not one I'd recommend for anyone who wants to learn how to read these cards. Generic tarot books won't work for card meanings either.

I own several books that specialize in this deck, and my favorite by far is Tarot Mirror of the Soul by Gerd Zeigler.

It is one of the most concise books for this deck, yet it addresses nearly all of the details and symbols found in each card. It also has a picture of each card on the same page as its meaning, which is helpful. In short, this deck offers infinite variations in meaning that results in more specific readings.

Don't be thrown off by its complexity or the superstition surrounding it. They are just cards, but they are wonderful ones. I give this deck five stars. Printed in numerous editions and numerous sizes with new editions on the horizon the appeal of this deck cannot be underemphasized.

Since its initial publication in it has attracted a steady stream of acclaim for its striking beauty, as well as its depiction of an understanding of occult knowledge that was gained over a lifetime of devoted study.

It should be said that the Thoth has the distinction of being one of the most controversial tarot decks available also. Conceived and executed by artist Lady Frieda Harris under the instruction of the controversial magician Aleister Crowley, The Thoth Tarot was in fact not published during the lifetimes of its creators.

While The Book of Thoth is a wonderful book, that I recommend unreservedly for anyone who owns the Thoth Tarot it may not the best place to start your studies. Duquette will not teach you the standard meanings of the cards, but he will teach you how the system works, where it comes from, and where to go next.

My experience however was that the decks ability to expand my areas of interest and knowledge was one of its most attractive features.

The Thoth Tarot is based on the Golden Dawn tradition, and for those familiar with the Rider Waite deck, or any Golden Dawn derivative, much of the deck will be immediately familiar. The minors also have the esoteric title written on the bottom. The deck can of course be used without these systems, but I have found studying them to be immensely rewarding personally, as well as to my knowledge of the tarot.

These same features can then be applied to any deck, but are most clearly visible and beautifully rendered in the Thoth itself.

The minors do not contain illustrated scenes as in the Rider Waite Smith style, they are however highly illustrated. For example while the RWS Two of Wands shows a man holding the world in his hand as he overlooks his kingdom; the Thoth Two of Wands titled Dominion shows us two Tibetan Djores crossed in front of burning flames, symbols of great power and authority.

In the Golden Dawn tradition there are the standard four court cards.

Tarot cards essay

Kings shown riding on a horseQueens seated on a thronePrinces drawn forth in a carriage and Princesses standing.

For someone used to the RWS or Marseille style Courts in which the King and Queen are both seated, and the Knight is the figure on the horse this can be initially confusing. A King riding a horse is now a feature I look for in a tarot deck when adding to my collection irrespective of the title given to him.

The majors also have been changed in some areas. The Magus magicianThe Priestess high priestessAdjustment justice, numbered 8Fortune wheel of fortuneLust strength, numbered 11Art temperanceThe Aeon justice and The Universe the world.A credit card is not like debit cards as in debit card money is not deducted from the client’s account after each transaction.

In the case of credit cards, the issuers give loan to the punter and the consumer revolves their balance at the cost of having interest charged.

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Tarot cards essay

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Things to learn, and things to share. Tarot Essays and Opinion A Brief History of Tarot. by Angel. Angel takes a brief look at the history of tarot and tarot reading. "Tarot cards weren’t originally used for fortune telling, the original purpose of the cards was for playing games, the actual games played varied between cultures although the most popular was the French tarot game known .

The Book of Thoth: A Short Essay on the Tarot of the Egyptians, Being the Equinox Volume III No. V [Aleister Crowley, The Master Therion, Frieda Harris] on webkandii.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Now a classic in the field, used by students of the Golden Dawn as well as by those who want to understand Crowley's tarot.

This is the definitive study of the Egyptian tarot and is used as. Tarot cards essay. Sujet dissertation apologues. Organ donation persuasive essay years.

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