Role of negotiable instrument in the growth of commerce and trade

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Role of negotiable instrument in the growth of commerce and trade

Its important can be judged from the following points. Foreign trade leads to specialization in the production of those goods which a country can produce at lower cost. This situation improves the overall welfare of the people.

Quality goods at lower rates: If a country cannot produce a specific commodity then it can import that commodity at lower rates from international market in the presence of foreign trade.

Flow of capital goods and technical know-how: In the presence of foreign trade flow of capital goods and technical know-how take place which increase the rate of economic growth and development of the country.

Removal of shortage of goods: Foreign trade is helpful for the removal of shortage of goods.

Role of negotiable instrument in the growth of commerce and trade

If there is shortage of any commodity then that commodity can be imported from the international market which will eliminate shortage of good. Industrial and agricultural development: Foreign trade brings improvement in industrial and agricultural sectors of the economy.

The necessary inputs of industrial and agricultural sector can be imported which will develop both the sectors of the economy. Discourage the formation of monopolies: Foreign trade discourages the formation of local monopolies.

The local producers cannot exploit the consumers because of fear of cheap imports.

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In the absence of imports, some local firms may create monopoly and charge very high prices. Quality important of local products: The foreign competition helps to improve the quality of local products.

If Pakistani government allows cycles to be improved, the quality of Pakistani cycles will definitely improve. Optimum utilization of resources: International trade helps in the optimum utilization of resources.

A country specializes in the production of those goods for which its resources are more suitable and as a result the resources are properly utilized. Foreign trade helps in the price stability of a country. If the price level is very high of a commodity then that commodity can be imported which will keep price in stable position.

Foreign trade promotes price in the entire world because in the presence of international trade people of different countries come close together and they become interdependent.

Increase in national income: In the presence of international trade the resources are properly utilized which increase exports of the country and as a result per capital income and national income increase.Type of Negotiable Instrument Essay.

Type of Negotiable Instrument Wiley v. Peoples Bank and Trust Company Marcus Wiley, James Tate, and James Irby were partners engaged in buying and selling used cars under the trade name Wiley, Tate & Irby.

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Q. Negotiable Instruments. As commerce and trade developed, people moved beyond the reliance on barter to the use of money.

Role of negotiable instrument in the growth of commerce and trade

Gradually, there was a need to use substitutes for money, such as commercial paper. Commercial paper is . Windows System Engineer Jobs in Philippines: Windows System Engineer Jobs in Philippines for freshers and Windows System Engineer Openings in Philippines for experienced.

There is a need to amend Section 58 of the Reserve Bank of India Act, with a view to enabling RBI to frame specific regulations SUMMARY The project on negotiable instruments starts with the evolution of trade and commerce which in turn leads to the discovery of negotiable instruments.

Apr 29,  · Negotiable instruments such as cheques, bills of exchange, promissory notes etc. are playing a vital role in today's boosting trade and commerce. Negotiable such as promissory note and specially the bills of exchange are specially made for this Ashish Nashikkar.

Moreover, the key players of this market are playing an important role by doing developments in the product making technology which is further beneficial for achieving the highest growth and share across the globe in the near future more significantly.

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