Parents are a great blessing essay

The Blessing of Grandparents The Blessing of Grandparents The Word of God says nothing about the role of grandparents, but it boldly declares the power of their influence. Godly men and women leave a legacy of blessing for generations to come. Never has this been more graphically illustrated than in the life of Jonathon Edwards.

Parents are a great blessing essay

Essay on Parents Essay on Parents The society of our human beings is really a complex system. Then what is the basis, or say, the smallest unit of such an unwieldy system? People will say "family" with one voice.

The Blessing of Grandparents

Usually family is considered to be the essential element of a society. If we look the word "family" into a dictionary, its definition is simply "a group consisting of parents and their children".

Then we come to the conclusion that the relationship between parents and children is the most basic one among all the interpersonal relationships that exist in the world. And there is no doubt that it plays an important role in our society. The bond between parents and children is incredibly strong.

A main reason is that parents and children are linked because of their ties of blood.

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This unique tie distinguishes it from any other interpersonal relationships. The love between parents and children is special. It grows for so many years without judgment, without limit.

Parents are a great blessing essay

Our parents simply love us beyond all bounds. They love all the things belong to us, not only our strengths and gifts but also our weaknesses and faults. This strong love is from parent's hearts, there is no interests mixed in it at all.

It is such a pure and exquisite emotion that parents will do things for their children that no one else would dream of. They give completely selfless devotion to their children. You could ask a parent if he or she would cut off an arm for a child and without hesitation, even thinking, he or she would answer yes.

You could also ask a mother about her rage if someone does her children harm. I think it will be an unusual rage that we who don't have such experience can imagine. We often see and hear some moving things, for example, one mother saved her child desperately in an sudden accident, regardless of her own life.

This is what we called great love of mother, I think. I think parents are the most important factor in their children's lives. Whether they are with their children two hours a day or twelve, parents are special to children.

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They make the most difference during their childhood. Furthermore, they make the great impact on the rest of their lives. As I have mentioned above, parent's love towards their children is a strong feeling that it is even beyond life.

But usually they keep this beyond-life feeling deep in their minds. What parents do most for their children are ordinary, small and mundane. It is true that parents are the first teachers in their children's lives. They, as living examples, influence their children little by little, step by step.

Mostly, they help children conduct their daily lives, help them with their manners, with homework, with habits, with their sense of right and wrong, of justice and morals. They teach their children in the ways that they can understand, for instance, through discipline, play, explanation and talking.

Take me as an example, when I was a little girl, my mother asked me to set the table every evening. This helped me to know "to gain something, you should also put in your work".

And when I grew up a little, my parents let me feed a cat at home. At the same time, I learned about the responsibilities that come with ownership. You see, it was through these small and common things, I have learnt the codes of conduct and developped my attitude towards life.Essay about successful parents great blessing.

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Parents are a great blessing essay

Get help with your writing. 1 through While these are great opportunities to bless, you don't have to wait to for a special occassion to communicate your encouragement - you can create the moment yourself!

By setting aside a time and place to give your blessing, you communicate significance and specialness that that will be memorable to both them and you. Compare and Contrast ‘Sonnet ’ with ‘Blessing’ In this essay I am going to discuss and explore ‘Sonnet ’ by William Shakespeare and ‘Blessing’ by Imtiaz Dharker.

I will focus on the differences and similarities between both poems in terms of language, themes and poetic devices. PARENTS – The Most Precious Blessing of ALLAH on Earth May 25, Maimona Riaz 1 Comment human, Islamic, society About the Author: Maimona Riaz is one of the talented students of Hajvery University, Lahore, Pakistan.

Parents should also be eager to show this beautiful world to their children and to explain as much as possible to them. They are their first guides in this life, which is the most important role each of us plays.

Parents-the Greatest Gift Of God To Mankind