Essay notes undue influence

In the first three paragraphs of this section, he emphasizes that books contain the learning of the past; however, he also says that these books pose a great danger. While it is true that books transform mere facts "short-lived actions" into vital truths "immortal thoughts"every book is inevitably a partial truth, biased by society's standards when it was written. Each age must create its own books and find its own truths for itself.

Essay notes undue influence

A statement about something that is not in line with the facts. A false statement that is known to be false or is made recklessly — without knowing or caring whether it is true or false — and that is intended to induce a party to detrimentally rely on it.

A careless or inadvertent false statement in circumstances where care should have been taken. A false statement that is likely to induce a reasonable person to assent or that the maker knows is likely to induce the recipient to assent.

An unlawful coercion used by the stronger party to induce the weaker party to enter into a contract by threatening the weaker party with financial harm.

Misrepresentation A misrepresentation is a statement about something that is not in line with the facts. A fraudulent misrepresentation is where someone misstates a fact and either knows or believes that what he is saying is not true or is not sure whether or not his statement is true but passes it off as true anyway.

If a party to the contract relies on the fraudulent misrepresentation and enters into a contract based on that misrepresentation, the contract is voidable by the innocent party. Karl is looking to buy a house in the Salt Lake City area of Utah.

Karl contacts John, a realtor, and arranges to see several houses that are on sale. After picking out the house he likes, Karl asks the owner if the house has a termite problem. The house does have a termite problem but the owner, knowing that Karl will not buy the house if he knows about the termite problem, tells Karl that there is no termite problem.

After the contract is signed, Karl finds out about the termite problem.

11 Undue Influence: Beyond Impaired Consent and Wrongdoing towards a Relational Analysis Mindy Chen-Wishart When I accepted Jack Beatson’s kind invitation to ‘help’ with his conference on Good Faith and Fault in Contract Law I realized too late that he did not mean with the photocopying. This chapter represents the first stage in the development of a new theory of undue influence. It argues that any one-dimensional view of undue influence fails and that any credible theory of. Undue influence can also occur when there is a fiduciary relationship between the contracting parties. A fiduciary relationship exists when one party is in a position of trust in relation to the other, such as a family member, or someone with a certain professional relationship with the influenced party.

In this case, the contract will be voidable by Karl because the owner made a fraudulent misrepresentation that Karl relied on and, based on that misrepresentation, Karl entered into the contract.

In our case above, John the realtor has no indication or reason to believe that the house has a termite problem.

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If asked directly, John may be tempted to affirmatively deny the existence of termites, even though the owner was aware of the situation. If a misrepresentation is material to the contract, the contract will be voidable by the relying party even if the misrepresentation is not fraudulent.

The house does have a termite problem. However, the owner is unaware of the problem. In this case, the contract will also be voidable by Karl.

Although the misrepresentation that the owner made was not fraudulent because he himself was unaware of the termite problemit was still a material misrepresentation that Karl relied on.

In general, parties that propose contracts are not required to disclose facts regarding the subject matter of the contract. Here, there is a binding contract because George had no duty to tell Mickey what the bat was really worth.

However, where one party knows of a material fact because of his special position and the other party is unaware of that fact and will not be able to easily discover it there may be a duty to disclose.

Failure to disclose would be an issue of non-disclosure. Karl never asks about any termite problems and the owner never volunteers that there is a termite problem.

Essay notes undue influence

Karl buys the house and then finds out that there is an extensive termite problem. In this case, Karl can void the contract. Duress A contract is also voidable on the grounds of duress, where one party is threatened into entering into a contract with another party.

According to the League rules, at April 1st, teams are no longer allowed to sign players to contracts for the rest of the year. Garcia signs the contract. In this case, the contract would be unenforceable on the grounds of economic duress. Further, there is no way for Garcia to avoid the threatened action other than by signing this contract.Testamentary undue influence has already been reviewed from the perspective of the elderly and there has been some important work re-examining the impact of testamentary undue influence in the context of elder parent and adult children relationships: see Lawrence Frolik, ‘The Biological Roots of the Undue Influence Doctrine: What’s Love Got.

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This is an extract of our Undue Influence document, which we sell as part of our Restitution of Unjust Enrichment Notes collection written by the top tier of University Of Oxford students. The following is a plain text extract of the PDF sample above, taken from our Restitution of Unjust Enrichment Notes.

Essay Questions; Cite this Literature Note; Did this give Southern states undue weight and influence in the House? Was this an issue in the Civil War? List the principal powers of the president, making brief notes on the character of each and how it operates. The Federalist Papers Questions and Answers.

The Question and Answer section for The Federalist Papers is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

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