Designing an office space

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Designing an office space

Churn rate[ edit ] In many organisations, office layouts are subject to frequent changes.

Designing an office space

This process is referred to as churn rate, [1] expressed as the percentage of the staff moved during a year. Statutory requirements[ edit ] Statutory requirements related to office layouts will vary in different countries but examples may include: In contrast, companies handling paper based documentation will require larger desks for their staff, storage for records, archive facilities, photocopying and printing facilities close to hand.

Accommodation standards[ edit ] Organizations often have a policy on the minimum standards of accommodation for each staff grade. Administration staff may work in open plan offices whereas managers may have individual offices, sized on a seniority basis.

In open plan offices screens are sometimes used between desks to reduce noise and provide an element of privacy. However, where space is at a premium it may be difficult to accommodate a workgroup in a given area, and the solution often involves making space by moving others.

These types of move may be complex and disruptive as there is often a chain of events involved. Planning tools — CAD[ edit ] Services[ edit ] Each desk in an office may require a telephone and computer.

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Another alternative in smaller offices is to use dado trunking around the wall. Other alternatives are to use ceiling power poles which can assist space planning of desks away from perimeter walls Partitions[ edit ] Open plan offices are often divided up into smaller offices for managers, meeting rooms, etc.

When this happens the designer has to take into account several factors [8] including:10 Office Design Tips to Foster Creativity Furniture maker Turnstone toured the country's coolest offices for ideas on how to design spaces that encourage creativity and collaboration (without breaking the bank).

What do you do with that bit of empty space under the stairs? It’s been a question that has been long asked. There have been many ingenious answers. Designing Out Crime research centre (DOC) is a partnership between the NSW Department of Justice and the University of Technology Sydney..


Our mandate is to bring design innovation to complex crime and social problems. We work with partners from government, community, industry and academia in a co-design approach that is highly customised to our partners’ needs.

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