Cce boon or ban

There are a lot of changes or activities that can be introduced.

Cce boon or ban

Cce boon or ban

We will write a custom essay sample on Cce Boon or Bane or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER No doubt, it has its advantages too— it will provide wider scope to the students to develop their various skills simultaneously; it will enable them to search their real talent- if its in academics or in other fields; it will also be helpful for the teachers o promote the students even if they are poor in academics but good in other related activities at school.

But the greatest question arises that will the students be as serious as ever for their academic performance? Capital punishment has already been banned. Now, the students know that even if they do not do well in academics, they might get promotion for other activities at school.

They will go on motivating their children for quality in their academics, but what will happen to the students of poor families; the families where the elders or the guardians are not well aware of the the pros Cce boon or ban cons of different systems of learning; what about the children of illiterate parents or the families living in rural regions of India who are unaware of the complexities of education and employment.

This new system will make them lazy and make them complacent with their mediocre academic performance because they will Cce boon or ban have in mind they they are sure to get promotion even if they fail to fulfil the average norms in academic activities.

It seems as if the main concern of the policy makers at CBSE is to make the citizens literate but they are not the least concerned about excellence and level of learning imparted to our future- builders, i.

E system introduced in class 9th have many disadvantages. It do not bring out the competitive spirit among students which help them score good marks.

It does not separate students with high score from those with average skills. It may have lower down the illiteracy rate but had brought many other problems like tones of homework assignments,projects,etc. The proposed benefits of launching new system were: Participation of student in more and more co-curricular activities so as to recognize the abilities of an academically non-performer into other fields.

According to this system, the marks traditionally allotted to students will be replaced by grades. Each number division is allotted a grade like — A1 and all. Nothing is perfect, everything has its pros and cons and the same is with this system. Though this system has a lot of benefits but I believe that this system efuses students to transfer to other schools after 10th grade because if we take the case of a school which has a very good reputation and is very good overall, why will they take in a student who is from an unknown place and has been educated in a completely different environment as each student is being educated in a different manner now according to the new system?

The new grading system overlooks the real potential of a student. For example — a student has got 45 marks while another student has got 49 marks, they both will be falling in the same category of A1 grade which is a very big conflict of hard work and luck.

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This system is clearly derived from emotional attachment rather than practical commencement. It is to reduce the suicide cases that always crop up in the news. I myself gave 10th and 12th boards so I can derive that students and their parents have unnecessarily made board examinations a matter of life and death which puts more stress on students and they think suicide to be the best option.

I recommend further research into the curriculum, execution and consequences before the CCE Education System is executed in India. Pros and Cons of CCE 1. An average student, but since the CCE takes other factors into consideration, get A2s in his report card, which feels so great.

On the flip side, there are the bright children who are unhappy with the grading system. Our behaviour may loose our marks. So even if the child is poor in academics but good in sports or singing, that will fetch the child good grades.

It is one such element that allows India to pace ahead of the world. The recent implementation in Indian education system aims at making education in India a wide range of possibilities. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, the newest modification in Indian education has its pros and cons.

This method of evaluation moulds a child according to the demands of the competitive realm of life. It aims at maintaining a perfect balance between scholastic and co-scholastic areas.

Holistic development being the prime target of CCE brings out the latent talents in a student. It is a cup of tea for those who find themselves better-off in fields like sports, arts, singing, dancing etc which were not given much a weightage in the previous academic curriculum.

With grades replacing marks in our report cards, the scope of competition lessens the burden on every shoulder.

It aims at teaching to content, the ways of living in the 21st century world.Cce Boon or Bane Words | 8 Pages. living in the 21st century world.

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Cce Boon or Bane; Cce Boon or Bane. 1 January Education; Dear readers, I’m writing for the first time on this site. Since, being concerned with education of +2 level, I want to share my views on CCE system initiated by CBSE for the evaluation of all round activities of the students.

CCE, the brand new system, In Physics, velocity.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation-A Bane or Boon

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Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation-A Bane or Boon By Tenzin Norbu, Friday, October 18, Leh: With the advent of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation,CCE, it has now become ubiquitous in educational system in very purpose of CCE is to destress education for children and ensure the holistic growth of every is to.

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