Authors writing about vampires

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Authors writing about vampires

Leave this field empty if you're human: Tina is a beautiful soul whose compassion for humanity shows up in her words in all of her writing. Tina is a spiritual person who advocates for kindness and many causes for animal and human rights and justice.

You can visit Tina at her blog TinaFrisco. Tina has many accolades to her credit. Tina Frisco is an author, singer-songwriter, RN, activist, and student of shamanism. She began writing as a young child and received her first guitar at age 14, which launched her passion for music and songwriting.

She has performed publicly in many different venues.

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She enjoys writing, reading, music, dancing, arts and crafts, exploring nature, and frequently getting lost in working crossword puzzles. What if vampires were not the undead, but rather the dying? What if there were two factions among vampires: And what if those factions were at war with one another over the life of a young woman who promised them a future?

Vampyrie brings the myth of the vampire into the realm of possibility. Phoebe Angelina Delaney is a reluctant genius and compassionate hothead. Did she drink too much alcohol and wander off in a stupor, or was she kidnapped by a malicious element determined to make her life a living hell?

Does he intend to use his title as a ruse to draw her closer to an unearthly fate, or is he a cloak-and-dagger knight in shining armor?

authors writing about vampires

Too many secrets have been kept for too long. Phoebe must unravel the mystery in order to survive. A Note from Tina about the origins of this book: This is not your typical vampire book. Vampyrie also has a basis in science, specifically medicine. My background in medicine led me to speculate about how this might have a basis in reality.

If rooted in science, how might this myth come to life? The most likely answer would be as a physical disorder or disease. Your writing has almost a lyrical sense to it.

Can you tell us when you began writing and what inspired you to write books? First I want to thank you, Deb, for inviting me to be a guest on your fabulous blog.

Your posts are outstanding, and you have an impressive number of followers. Like most authors, I began writing as soon as I could hold a pen. Of course, back then it was a crayon; I wrote on anything that was available. I quickly learned walls were not an option. When I got a little older, I made up songs my sister and I would sing to anyone who would listen.

At fourteen, I began playing guitar and writing songs, both of which I continue to this day.Mar 07,  · Jeaniene Frost has a thing for vampires. They’ve made up the bulk of her fictional world across both her best-selling Night Prince and Night Huntress series, and she’s tripling down on her.

The Monster Librarian Presents: Reviews of Zombie Fiction. While zombies are popular in adult fiction and popular culture zombies are found in books, graphic novels, movies, and video games.

Apr 16,  · How to Write a Vampire Saga (Tweens). Vampires are cool. And you want to write about these magnificent creatures. You can write a: * Romance Novel * Action Novel * Horror Novel * Children's Book Choose your genre.

More people are into 80%(15). Everybody has writing tips for authors, especially people who aren’t writers. “Write about vampires,” your cousin says. “Write something like Harry Potter,” your niece says. These writing tips are generally unhelpful, to say the least. Which is why all this writing advice from 50 famous. is the online community for creative writing, fiction writing, story writing, poetry writing, writing contests, writing portfolios, writing help, and writing writers. Books, African American, Black Books, Black Authors, african american books, african american authors, your home on the web fr books by, for and about Black people.

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